Quick Intro to Profundis


Since 1997 Profundis Design has specialized in implementing bleeding edge Server Technology Hardware, Business Software and website solutions for successful existing business models and startup companies.

We have consistently maintained skilled and professional support for services ranging from Networked Servers and Website Design to Internet Sales tools and Software integration. To this end, our company provides the following services: Consulting, Dotcom Hosting, Customized or Integrated website design for an enhanced UX and UI, www Domain registration, Custom JAVA/PHP/SQL scripting, Comprehensive Audio and Video production for web application, Design and Production marketing, as well as remote/field security testing.

Over the course of these many years, we have catered to both large companies and small non-profit operations. Windows, Macintosh, Linux, BSD and UNIX friendly, Profundis Design has always had one foot firmly planted in knowledgeable computer experience while carefully anticipating future internet trends. We find that it helps to be ahead of your time.


Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis